16x1 LCD Character Displays Module

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Type: Lcd

Colour: Green



LCD, Liquid Crystal Display (Liquid Crystal Display) is a display technology based on the principle that the electrically polarized liquid transmits light in single phase and can be seen with a polarizing filter attached to it.Liquid crystals in LCDs can be found in thermotropic and lyotropic phases depending on temperature and material structure. A subgroup of thermotropic phase liquid crystals, nematic liquid crystals, are called twisted nematics (TN), depending on the voltage of the current applied to the flat position, that is, non-curved nematics. Nematic liquid crystals are the liquid crystal phase that makes it possible to make LCDs. In order to make LCDs, light must be polarized, liquid crystals must be able to pass polarized light, the molecular array of liquid crystals must be changed by electric current and have to be electrically conductive.


Size:16x1 LCD
Construction: COB(Chip-on-Board)
Display Format: 8x2 Characters
Display Type: STN, Transflective, Positive, Y-G
Interface: 8-bit parallel interface
Viewing Direction: 12 O’clock
Driving Scheme: 1/16 Duty Cycle, 1/5 Bias
Power Supply Voltage: 5.0 V
VLCD Adjustable For Best Contrast: 4.7 V (VOP.)
Operation temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Storage temperature: -30°C to +80°C

Package Include

1x Display LCD