2DM860 86 Digital Stepper Driver AC3080V Voltage Stepper Motor Drive

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  • State New
  • CNC or not : Normal
  • Drive external dimensions : 118 * 75.5 * 33mm
  • installation pitch 109mmmm

Product Description:

The 2DM860 is a digital stepper motor that uses the latest 32-bit DSP technology to meet the needs of most applications. Thanks to the integrated micro-segmentation technology, even in low segment conditions, it is possible to achieve high, low break effect in high speed is very smooth, ultra-small noise. Drive within the built-in parameter auto-tuning function, it can automatically generate the optimal operating parameters for different engines to maximize engine performance.

The main application areas
For a variety of medium-sized automation equipment, such as: engraving machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, packaging machinery, machine tool, automatic assembly equipment. Users expect a small noise and high-speed device applications especially good effects.

Microstep analysis of the number of sets
By the SW5-SW8 four DIP switches to set the subdivision microstep unit than a total of 16 micro-step profile. When the user sets the microstep, stop the unit operation. Specific micro-step analysis of the number setting, the drive surface arrangement instructions.

Output current
At SW1-SW3 three DIP switches to set the controller output current, the total output current of 8 files. Specific output current setting, the drive surface arrangement instructions.

Half flow function
Users can configure the semi-automatic flow function of the SW4 unit. Show quiescent current is set to half dynamic current, on represents static current, and dynamic current is the same. In general applications, the SW4 should be off, so that the motor and drive of the heating reduction, higher reliability. After the explosion stops for about 0.4 seconds, the current is automatically reduced to half (60% of the actual value), the heat is initially reduced to 36%. PUL + and PUL-control

signal pulse positive terminal signal and a negative terminal; DIR + and DIR-signals for the direction of the positive and negative terminals; ENA + and ENA-to the positive terminal and to a negative terminal of the signal.

Interface motor
Terminals B + and B-positive and negative connected to Phase B stepper motor windings; Positive and negative terminals A + and AA stepper motor connected to the phase windings. When the A, B two-phase winding exchange, can reverse A motor direction.
Power interface
DC power supply 48-75VDC operating voltage range, power supply higher than 500W.

The unit has two red and green lights. In which the green light for the power indicator light, when the unit is powered, the green light; Red fault indicator, when overvoltage, overcurrent fault, the fault lamp lights up. After the fault has cleared, the red light will turn off. When a drive fails, it just powers back on and reactivates to clear the fault.

Pakage Include:

1x2DM860 Stepper Driver