4WD Smart Motor Robot Car Chassis

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Model number 4 wheels smart car

Kind Gear motor



Car chassis size without tire 26 cm x 15.5 cm
The car chassis containing the tire size is 26cm x 17.5cm
They are in the form of car spare parts delivery (for transportation), with 3D installation drawings, put our hands on the drawings can be installed up to ten minutes to complete, it is very simple


1. The mechanical structure is simple, very easy to install.
2. Using four reducer DC motor flexible turning, good direction. Four engines, chronological horsepower. The large and stable chassis is very easy to extend
3. The car comes with speed encoder, with speed photoelectric store, it can quickly compose a speed system. You can speed, distance, do a loop system.

Package Contents:

1 x Car Chassis
4 x DC Gear Motor
4 x Yellow Wheels