1pcs 6mm Flexible Spiral Tube Cable (Black Colour)

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Type: Pipe

Colour: Black


Product features

Flexible, reusable, spiral design, polyethylene material;
It organizes and protects wires;
Can easily be cut off to the length you need;
Ideal for home,cinema, office use;
Put all messy wires of TV, Theater, Computers, etc. easily and neatly into one cord Protect wires from the wear and insulation, and can improve the beauty of bending


Length: 14M -15M/45.9ft-49.2ft
Diameter: 6mm / 0.24inch(Without stretching)
Easy to install with the thread guide.
Flexible, reusable, spiral design, polyethylene material.
Designed to allow breakouts of single/multiple wires.
Great for harnessing multiple cables into a single manageable bundle.
Safety, can protect cables from possible damages, prevent electric leakage.

Suitable for:
Computer cable, car cable, or other mechanical equipments.Household, construction industry, electronic industry, cable and wire assembly, packaging and shipping, outdoor activities.

Package Content:

1 x Spiral Wrap Tube