DC 6-28V 12V 24V 3A PWM motor speed regulator adjustable speed regulator DC motor regulator

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  • Engine type : DC motor DC
  • Model Number : Motor Controller


This DC motor speed controller allows you to control the direction of a DC motor using a pulsed modulated (PWM) DC voltage with a duty cycle fully adjustable from 0% -100%.The motor speed controller can easily provide 3A continuous current for your DC motor or other DC load.


Input supply voltage: 6-28VDC
Maximum output power: 80W
Maximum continuous output current: 3A
Adjustable duty cycle: 0% -100%


1. Connect the DC motor (or DC load) to the motor terminals as indicated in the wiring diagram.
2. Connect 10-36 VDC to the circuit to ensure correct polarity. Note that the voltage applied to the motor will be applied to the circuit. It is recommended to add an appropriate rated positive source fuse to protect the circuit against any possible short circuits.
3. You can now control the motor speed through the potentiometer.

Package Include:

1 x PWM DC Motor Speed Controller with Potentiometer