Complete set of ER11 COLLET For CNC Engraving Machine And Milling Lathe Tool

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  • Model number : ER11 
  • product name : ER 11 collet


1. Material of the collet assembly: 65Mn high grade
2. It is a precision ER11 spring collet.
3. Durable and wear-resistant, strong clamping force, large clamping range.
4. Grip range: 1mm to 7mm.
5. Widely used in machining centers, general milling machines, CNC milling machines, engraving
machines, high-speed machines and other processes.


Material: high grade 65Mn
Size: as picture shown.
Fits metric shank sizes: For example, 1mm collet fits 1mm metric shank, 2mm collet fits 2mm metric shank