ER11 Drill Chuck Motor Shaft Extension Rod Spindle Collet Lathe Tools Inner Holder 10MM for CNC Milling

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  • Application Turning tool
  • Model number : ER11 Collet Chuck Motor Shaft


This collet is made of high quality steel for milling lathe tool and work-holding engraving machine. ER straight rod type collet extension handle body is relatively long, suitable for deep hole processing. The nut can be directly tightened to provide a powerful clamping force. This collet can reduce costs, improve efficiency and would be a good replacement part for your old one.

1.Chuck Spindle Motor Shaft Extension Rod Holder for Milling Accessories
2.Outside hexagonal groove diameter: Max. 19mm
3.Shaft hole: approx. 10mm (+ 0.02mm) (needs heating expansion to install)
4.Overall length (nuts included): approx. 40mm
5.Handle body length: approx. 35mm


Model: ER11A
Material: Steel
Color: As the picture show
Hardness: Hard
Type: Motor shaft tool holder
Style: practical, durable

Package Contents:

1 * Motor shaft tool holder