Gamma Stirling Engine Double Cylinder Metal Bulb External Combustion Heat Power Engine Physics Model Science Experiment Toy

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Materials Metal

Subject : Steam Power Engine



. The metal bracket and metal piston are firm, exquisite and beautiful, and the combination of texture and
. The pursuit of details, overall fine polishing, smooth, highly metallic feel and modern technology
! The stirling engine is powered by gas expansion and cold compression
. Feel the sense of metal and technology, reliable quality
. The product itself has been assembled, which has the collection value, can be used as a decoration, and
can be used directly to operate the experiment, which is simple and convenient
. In operation, 95% alcohol (self-supplied) should be used. Dry air expands to generate energy
. You cannot add water, kerosene, gasoline, lighter, oil or liquor
. Entertaining and learning, through manual operation, you can observe the full power of the engine
Generation operation process, more intuitive understanding of the principle of steam power generation, and
Deepen your interest in physics (this principle is learned in the high school Physics book)
. The product is suitable for people over 14 years of age and should be careful not to be hot up to the
temperature during operation.


Color: as shown
Material: Metal
Product size: 16 * 8.7 * 8.3c

Package Include:

. 1 engine model