HC SR04 Ultrasonic sensor fitting Bracket Red Clolour

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Type: HC-RS04 Bracket

Colour: Red



Specifically designed for the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Module, with this Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Bracket you can attach the Hc-SR04 module to your application such as small robots or DIY projects very quickly and conveniently.The bracket is designed to have a slight press fit where the ultrasonic sensors pass through the holes in the bracket to help hold the module in place.  Since there are variances in the build of the different modules, the fit is sometimes too tight in the area between the two sensors.  If this happens, the bracket can easily be modified by using a box knife, X-Acto knife or similar to scrape away some of the acrylic from the sides of the holes where the fit is too tight.


Acrylic Body.
Easy to install.
Attractive blue
Usage: fixed ultrasonic sensor modules and other products

Package Include:

1xHC-SR04 Bracket