10 pcs LM10UU Linear Ball Bearing 10x19x29mm For CNC & 3D Printer

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Product Name : Linear Ball Bearing

Model : LM10UU 

Color : Silver Tone



These bearings are perfect for linear motion on your 3d printer, concur other applications. They come factory sealed in pairs and may require lubrication. ID = 10mm OD = 19 mm length = 29mm our linear bearings are the perfect complement to your industrial, commercial or DIY project. Bearings may require lubrication and break in period. These linear bearings use recirculating balls in order to provide smooth, precise movement. Each linear bearing is designed to be seated onto a un-supported linear shaft. Additionally these linear bearings have double rubber seals to keep dirt, dust and debris out of the inner workings for a long and maintenance free life.


Product Name : Linear Ball Bearing;
Model : LM10UU
Material : Carbon Steel, Rubber;
Inner Diameter : 10mm / 0.39"
Outer Diameter : 19mm / 0.74"
Length: 29mm / 1. 14"
Color : Silver Tone;

Package includes :

10 x Linear Ball Bearing