LM5LUU Linear Ball Bearing 5x10x115mm For CNC & 3D Printer

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Item: LM5LUU  Linear Bearings

Type: Ball Bearings

Size: 5x10x15 mm

Inner diameter: 5mm

Outer diameter: 10mm

Length : 15mm


The rubber shields on LM5LUU are designed to offer protection against the entry of some dirt and so on, as well as lighter mechanical damage. LM5LUU bearings also help to contain the lubricant / grease. LM5UU manufactured with rubber seals these linear ball bushings are characterised by their smooth movement, high rigidity and low friction, they are easy to maintain or replace and have a good life span in service.

LM5LUU consist of steel outer housings with sets of balls running around their own tracks within the low friction polyamide / steel inner raceways. LM5LUU outer raceway is solid with no relief machined so clearances are preset, choose the adjustable type if you need to control clearances.