LMF10LUU Long Type Flange Linear Ball Bearing Bushing

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  • Model number : LMF10LUU LMF10LUU
  • Can be customized : Yes
  • Materials : Bearing steel
  • Brand name : HLTNC
  • LMFLUU : Steel
  • Quality Level : High Grade, More Precision
  • Structure : Flanged Linear Motion Ball Bearings

Coatings : Antirust oil


Linear motion bearings have the characterized of smooth movement,low friction,high rigidity and long life span,economical and easy to maintain or replace

Motorized linear slides such as machine slides, XY tables, roller tables and some dovetail slides are bearings moved by drive mechanisms. Not all linear slides are motorized, and non-motorized dovetail slides, ball bearing slides and roller slides provide low-friction linear movement for equipment powered by inertia or by hand. All linear slides provide linear motion based on bearings, whether they are ball bearings, dovetail bearings or linear roller bearings. XY Tables, linear stages, machine slides and other advanced slides use linear motion bearings to provide movement along both X and Y multiple axis.


Flange slide bearing has the features of Low friction coefficients and long usage spans, High temperature, self-lubricated, anti-corrosion.Using feature:  Linear bearings are used widely in electronic equipment, pull tester and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring device. Such as precision equipment, as well as multi-axis machine tools, press tool, grinder automatic gas cutting machine, printer, card sorting machine, food packaging machine and other industrial machinery sliding components...



Linear bearings are widely used in electronic equipment, tensile testing machine and the digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, precision equipment,and multi axis machine tools, presses, tool grinder, automatic gas cutting machine,printer, card sorting machine, food packing machines and other industrial machinery sliding components

Linear bearing linear bearing Linear bearing linear bearing Linear bearing linear bearing bearing


Features of linear bearing:

  1. linear bearing LM, LME, LMB, LMF, LMK, LMH, KH,

"LM" means metric standard type
"LME" means inch standard type 
"UU" means rubber seals on the both sides of the long type bearing

"OP" means open type
"AJ" means adjustment type*LM...UU: LM...(sylinder), LM...OP(open type), LM...AJ(clearance adustable)
*LME...UU: LME...(sylinder), LME...OP(open type), LME...AJ(clearance adustable), LM...UU &

LME...LUU: Long type
*KH: High-precision mini bearing