Liquid BBQ Baking Oil Temperature Gauge with Electronic Digital Display Probe Type Thermometer

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  • Screen size 1.9 Inch & Under
  • Theory : Temperature sensor
  • Screen type DIGITAL
  • Feeding type Button cell


Type: pointer type hygrometer
Temperature range: -50 °C ∽ +300 °C (-58 °F ∽ +572 °F)
Resolution : 0.1 ° C
Measurement accuracy: ±%
Battery used: DC1.5V (AG13)*1
Product net weight: 0.06 kg
Total length: 17.5cm,
stainless steel length: 10.5cm


1. Temperature memory function • Temperature measurement and low voltage function display • Power saving function (If there is no operation within 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down) • Sensor Fault Display • Fahrenheit and Celsius display function conversion.

2. High accuracy: stainless steel probe, Pen type thermometer, with multi-function, low energy consumption, high stability, high precision, rapid temperature measurement.
3. Temperature indicator: A food thermometer that can be used to measure the temperature of various foods, and many functions allow you to enjoy life.
4. LED display, clear and clear, automatically shut down after 10 minutes, enter the power saving mode.


[ON/0FF]: Press this button to power on or off. When the power is turned on for 1.5 seconds, the temperature will be displayed on the ----- times, and then enter the measurement mode. If there is no operation, it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes -----.

[°C /°F]: Press this button in the temperature measurement mode to achieve Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion.

Temperature measurement and display of low voltage: If the voltage is lower than 1.3V LCD will display -- "Low voltage". When the sensor is open or below the measurement range, E00 will be displayed, when the sensor ----- short circuit or actual temperature is high and the measurement range Will show E11.


1* Thermometer