PTFE Teflon Tube Mini Cutter Portable Pipe Cutter Blade for 3D Printer PU Nylon PVC Tube Parts Cutting Tools

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  • kind:water filter parts
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  • Model number :Mini Portable Pipe Cutter blade




This pipe cutter is easy and safe to use, durable and waterproof design. It has a stainless steel blade and spring. The housing is made of strong and durable plastic. There is a hole at the end so you can attach it to a keychain, hang it on a necklace, etc., so you don't lose it. Fits tubes up to 6mm in diameter. It can also be used to cut filaments. Suitable for PE or PU hoses, it can be cut into different lengths, PE pipe and PU trachea according to requirements. (Don't use it as a wire cutter or it won't tarnish the blade, though.) To properly position the Bowden tube, it is essential to have a clean, square end. Without this you run the risk of bouncing or, what's more, clogging, at the hot end.


1.The PTFE cutting tool allows you to create perfect perpendicular cuts on the ends of your Bowden PTFE tubing,
2.when using a Bowden tube setup you need to seat your PTFE tube flushly up against the hot ends nozzle.
3. If this interface has any gaps you willexperience a range of issues from extrusion problems to a blocked hot end.
1 x Tube Cutting Tool
Cutting Diameter Range 3mm to 12mm.
Stainless Steel Blade.