T8 Lead Screw Nut Pitch=2mm Lead=2mm For 3D Printer

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Item Type Linear Rail

Model number : T8 NUT



-POM has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high rigidity, small friction factor, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, non-magnetic,   mute,  tensile and compressive strength
-Made by quality POM which a special Engineering plastic material
-Size: 24mm*12.6*10.5mm, 2mm Pitch, 2mm Lead
-Compatible with 3D printers with diameter 8mm T8 lead screw

 Compare with normal Copper barss T8 screw nut:

 It theoretically should out last brass maintaining its structural thread size longer because it can resist friction better and wont warp.
 Your Z axis on 3D printers only moves every layer when printing unless your using them for CNC.
 The brass nuts slowly expand over time from the steel rods. For all practical reasons it may meet and exceed the brass nuts for 3D printing because it can   resist wear.

 Package includes:

  1xT8 Screw Nut