W5100 Ethernet Shield Network Expansion Board With Micro SD Card Slot For Arduino

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Model: W5100 Ethernet Shield Network Expansion Board

Colour: Blue



The W5100 is a versatile single-chip network interface chip with a 10/100Mbs Ethernet controller integrated internally. It is mainly used in a high integrated, high stable, high performance and low cost embedded system. The W5100 enables you to connect to the Internet without operation system. It is also compatible with IEEE802.3 10BASE-T and 802.3u 100BASE-TX.
W5100 integrates a market-proven full-hardware TCP/IP protocol stack inside, Ethernet media access control (MAC) layer and physical layer (PHY). The hardware TCP/IP protocol stack supports the following protocols: TCP, UDP, IPV4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPoE, which have been tested by the market for years in many fields. In addition, W5100 also integrates 16KB memory for data transmission. For W5100, you don't need to consider the control of the Ethernet; what you need to do is socket programming.
The W5100 has three interfaces: direct parallel bus, indirect parallel bus and SPI bus. It is easy to connect it with an MCU, just like accessing an external memory. Here we use the Ethernet library to apply W5100 more easily and conveniently.


1) With this Ethernet Shield, your Arduino board can be used to connect to the Internet.
2) Can be used as server or client.
3) Directly plug puzzle board, no soldering required.
4) Controller: w5100.
5) This is the latest version of the Ethernet Shield.
6) Based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet Chip, the shield gives you an easy way to get your Arduino online.
7) Directly supported by Arduino official Ethernet Library.
8) Adds a micro-SD card slot, to store files for serving over the network.
9) Compatible with the Arduino Duemilanove (168 or 328), Uno as well as Mega (1280/2560), accessible using the SD library.
10) The Wiznet W5100 provides a network (IP) stack capable of both TCP and UDP.
11) Supports up to four simultaneous socket connections.
12) Uses the Ethernet library to write sketches which connect to the internet using the shield.
13) Fits all version of arduino Main board,2009,UNO, mega 1280, mega 2560.
14) Size: 7 x 5.4 x 2.4 cm (2.76 x 2.12 x 0.94 inch).

Package Include:

1xW5100 Ethernet Shield Network Expansion Board With Micro SD Card Slot For Arduino